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Reporting on hierarchical data

The data was complex, having numerous levels of hierarchy, with people, devices and time to name just a few.  Creating a standard set of tables is hard enough, but having an online system that allows users to apply filters that can affect the dimension was a challenge. There were surprisingly few data issues; almost all the numbers matched results from the conventional database software from day one. The online reporting tool went live the day it was scheduled, and feedback from users has been unanimously positive since.

The technology has improved the efficiency of the delivery of the research, and delivered an outcome that is more fit for purpose than the written report we would otherwise have had to produce. Users have greater freedom to explore the data and can tailor the outputs to their own needs.


Strong web analytics and usage stats

The popularity of the tool is demonstrated by strong web analytics figures:

– Within 21 days of launch (Aug 2016) we saw over 800 visits, and over 1500 interactive reports run.

– Within a year of launch (Aug 2016 – Aug 2017) Google Analytics showed we had around 3,500 users and 5,400 sessions.

– Since this time we’ve experienced 1,000 users and use among both new and repeat visitors has remained consistent.

– Although c. 80% of sessions have taken place within the UK, there has also been considerable use internationally.


Recognition within the industry

The tool has also helped Digital Day to gain recognition with the industry:

– Shortlisted for MRG award in the “Best Realisation of Research” category.

– Shortlisted for Mediatel ‘Excellence in Research Presentation’ award.

– Submitted for ASC Technology Effectiveness Award.

– Data used in an article for Billboard Magazine in the US, written by the Chief Economist at Spotify.

“Data Liberation reassured us from day one that there would be no issues with scale; being a public site we could not control how many users would access it on the day of the launch. We have had no negative feedback about response times, or instability, so no news is good news in this case”

Danny KaySenior Research Manager


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